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More information about Window Cleaning Batteries

Modern Window Cleaning has moved on and with the wide use of water fed pole systems users can now clean windows more efficiently and with the use of a battery powered pump. Water fed pole systems require a high quality deep cycle battery for the job. It is crucial that the battery has cyclic capability so that the battery can be part discharged and then recharged on a regular basis. It is important that you use the right battery for the job as using the wrong battery will increase the chances of system downtime.

The size of battery you may require will much depend on the size of pump you are using. The owners manual for your water fed pole system should advise on the recommended capacity of battery required. If you are unsure please contact us. Once simple fact to remember is that the more AH a battery has then the longer it will last in between usage. Space is also important as larger capacity batteries obviously increase in size. All specification and dimensions can be found in the product range below. These batteries have been tried and tested for water fed pole use and we have supplied the range to many system manufacturers and end users for many years.