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More information about Relion Batteries

Live Green With Lithium!

After 150 years of lead-acid dominance, the battery world is being revolutionised by the incredible dawn of lithium. More environmentally friendly and safe for use in any system, lithium batteries are the ultimate complement to modern life, seamlessly integrating into your activities and setting an exciting new standard for power technology. Applications ideal for this new exciting revolution include Leisure, Marine, Solar & Renewable, UPS, Mobility, Golf plus many more.

RELiON lithium batteries offer the ultimate in safety and stability; they are compliant with all relevant UK safety directives and their LiFePO4 chemistry forms a solid foundation for outstanding performance:

LiFePO4 does not overheat and even in the face of puncturing, it remains calm and collected, refusing to burst into flames – in RELiON batteries, an anti-inflammatory layer provides extra reassurance
The unique chemistry results in a battery that is around a third of the weight and boasts 10 times the life span of its nearest lead acid equivalent
Charge can be restored to LiFePO4 batteries at a significantly faster rate due to operating with much lower resistance
Capacity is enhanced by 50% in the same amount of space compared to Lead Acid and AGM
Up to 5000 Recharge Cycles
Up to 10 Years Warranty – Unrivaled
The dynamic fusion of careful expert crafting and superior chemical composition makes RELiON the new force to be reckoned with. Its entry into the UK market heralds the beginnings of a greener tomorrow for battery power. Lithium technology is on the cusp of greatness; get in touch with Alpha Batteries to experience the ride!

RELiON is the global lithium-ion battery maker for all of your stored energy needs. Manufactured to meet your specifications, RELiON products power the following lithium-ion battery applications and services: Exclusive online to Alpha Batteries.

Marine & Leisure
Solar & Renewable
Power Sports
Live Aboard Boat use
Electric Vehicles
Plus many more