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More information about Renewable & Solar Energy Batteries

Renewable power system batteries are a vital part of any renewable powered energy system and it is important that you choose your new battery carefully. We stock a great range of market leading batteries for this application. From wet lead acid traction batteries to modern lightweight lithium batteries.There are many things to consider when buying a new solar power battery to make sure it suits your energy needs for when there will be no direct sunlight like the night or a dull day.

Things to consider when choosing a solar power battery are the maximum rate it will charge, the temperature it will be used at, the maximum rate of discharge and also the storage capacity – all of these things will help you work out which size of solar power battery you need.

At Alpha Batteries we offer a wide selection of heavy duty solar power batteries in a variety of amps offering a differing amount of electrical energy from brands like Lucas as well as our brand range too, but we’ve also a great choice of deep cycle batteries for solar power too which can be recharged repeatedly and therefore are more sustainable and reliable.