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More information about AGM & EFB Stop Start Car Batteries

If you have a vehicle which has the stop start feature then it is crucial you replace the battery with a specific AGM stop start car battery. These batteries are different than standard wet lead acid batteries which are fitted to vehicles without stop start functionality. Due to the greater demand on the battery caused by regular stop starting standard batteries will wear out very quickly as they are not designed to operate under those circumstances. AGM car batteries are and will last much longer than conventional wet lead acid batteries even if the lead acid battery is of premium quality and specification.

You can check if your vehicle has a Stop Start AGM battery fitted by looking in your owners manual or checking your existing battery. Your battery fitted should say AGM on the top or side specification label. Please contact us if you are unsure

Essential for Modern and Premium marque vehicles such as Mercedes, Land Rover, BMW, AUDI & Porsche with high onboard power demands and stop start technology. AGM car batteries offer fantastic value for money and reliability; this is because they have low self discharge and more starting power than other car batteries with up to 50% more starting power. So when choosing an AGM car battery you can be assured of power, quality and reliability. It is essential you replace your existing AGM battery with the same type of AGM technology as your vehicle will have been designed to have one.

Instead of using normal lead acid constrcution they use a fibreglass type material that makes them spill proof, vibration resistant and holds the electrolyte in place. Our selection of AGM car batteries come mainly made by Bosch, offering you a wide choice of specifications and something for all budgets too.

As with all our products, at Alpha Batteries all our AGM car batteries are available with nationwide next day delivery, so simply order today and receive your new car battery the following day – it’s so easy and convenient.