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More information about Bosch Batteries

Bosch Car Batteries

Covering a wide range of vehicles Bosch provide car batteries in both traditional lead acid form as well as AGM options designed for vehicles with stop start technology, and with their Bosch Silver S3, S4 and S5 lines you gain progressively enhanced performance.

For older vehicles the Bosch S3 (Grey Label) provides reliable power, more modern vehicles from 2000 onwards are suited to the Bosch S4 (Blue Label) and the latest high end vehicles and those with large diesel engines are best paired with the top of the line Bosch S5 (Black Label).

Bosch Commercial Batteries

For a reliable battery you can trust look no further than the Bosch Silver T3, T4 and T5 commercial batteries which increase in performance throughout the range.

The Bosch T3 products are designed specifically for small commercial vehicles and vans, providing power for your day to day workload. For construction and off-road vehicles consider the Bosch T4 range which provides high levels of starter power. Finally the powerful Bosch T5 range is developed for long-haul solutions and large construction machinery.

Bosch Leisure Batteries

Whatever your requirements Bosch have a leisure battery to suit your needs. If your power demands low or you’re relying on a power hookup then the Bosch L4 battery will suit your needs and is ideal for use across a wide range of leisure applications, and because they can be used as a starter battery they’re perfect on boats and for motorhomes.

If you have more power hungry applications look for the Bosch L5 product range – it’s designed for handling a heavier electrical load over longer periods of time suiting those users making regular, extended use of their leisure batteries.