Caravanning has become a huge industry in the UK, contributing more than £6 billion per year to the UK economy that includes holiday booking revenue, sales revenue from related products and services and general tourism.

This makes it a significant part of UK tourism, particularly as more and more people are embarking on “staycations” in the UK rather than venturing abroad. Since the global crisis, the UK economy has struggled and many typical holiday destinations outside the UK have seemed too expensive, which is why so many holidaymakers now look to take vacations in Great Britain. This is where caravan and motorhome holidays have gained a much wider appeal for being accessible and affordable.

Up until relatively recently, caravan holidays were mostly associated with the older generation and also tended to conjure up images of being confined to a pokey caravan on grim, rainy days with very few mod-cons. However, these are all things of the past. While there is still a strong older demographic in the caravan community and naturally you can’t rely on the British weather, the world of caravanning and leisure holidays is changing with the times. There is now such a thing as “glamavanning” that’s attracting younger travellers and even celebrities, to hop on board and take their holiday in a mobile home or caravan.

The art of modern caravanning

Bringing glamour to caravan holidays has helped to give the entire industry a makeover. This is all down to the fact that venturing on a caravan holiday no longer means roughing it and staying in basic accommodation on a caravan site with very little to do.

Modern touring caravans, motorhomes and static caravans now come with a deluge of technology on board, from fully equipped kitchens, showers, toilets and hot water heaters, to satellite TV, Wi-Fi and Satnav as standard, all powered from highly efficient caravan batteries and mains hook ups. They are also designed to maximise space and light inside with panoramic windows, clever storage and versatile furniture and fittings that all work towards making any time spent in your caravan or leisure home as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

These swanky modern versions of caravans, motorhomes and static homes are essentially miniature houses with the freedom to travel wherever you like. Thus it is now entirely possible to have everything you need on board your caravan for a perfectly affordable and luxurious holiday in your desired location.

Furthermore, a caravan holiday gives travellers more freedom and flexibility, not only on where to travel to, but also when. With the convenience of less travel time and a cheaper way to travel on the whole, people can afford to get away more often and also do it at much shorter notice at a time that suits them. Packing up and hitting the road for a last minute weekend break can be much easier with a caravan.

The holiday park revolution

However, beyond the kit onboard and the flexibility that caravans offer, there is now also a much greater choice of holiday parks, campsites and caravan parks in the UK and Europe that has broadened the scope and appeal.

While you can find a rustic location off the grid if you wish, there is also an assortment of “all-singing, all-dancing” holiday parks of various sizes for camping and caravan holidays. This new breed of Holiday Park provides all the top-class facilities and amenities you could possibly need on-site – from excellent toilet and washing facilities, to a choice of restaurants, bars, and shops to swimming pools, spas, fitness centres, children’s playgrounds and on-site entertainment.

This means you can have a wide choice of different caravan holidays to suit your requirements. From family-orientated parks to adult-only ones throughout the UK and Europe, it’s possible to find just the right location and caravan that ticks all your boxes.

Family Fun

A growing demographic in the caravan industry is families. With the cost of travelling abroad on the rise, many families are now staying in the UK, buying or renting caravans and motorhomes for their family holidays. And thankfully to help keep both parents and children entertained there are some fantastic places to visit.

Most family friendly holiday parks these days offer a similar set-up to help make caravan holidays as enjoyable and fun as possible. Whether you’re pitching up in your own caravan or looking to rent, you can enjoy excellent facilities such as indoor and outdoor heated pools, kids clubs, evening entertainment and excellent restaurants.

A great spot that has everything for all the family is the South West of England. Home to some of the UK’s most beautiful coastline and beaches, along with quaint villages, country roads, and an abundance of holiday parks and caravan sites with great activities, it’s the perfect place to venture with the family. Holiday parks like Devon Cliffs and Perran Sands are situated close to beaches with a great choice of spacious caravans, kid’s entertainment, clubs and more, giving you plenty of options.

Of course, there are hundreds more fantastic locations for busy family sites where they can be entertained all day and all night if needs be. From Coniston Park Coppice Caravan Club in Cumbria perfect for those who love the great outdoors, to Pembrey Country Park Caravan Club, Llanelli in Wales for tobogganing, and Stonehaven Queen Elizabeth Caravan Club in Aberdeenshire for stunning beach side walks, there’s so much on offer.

Adult Only Time

While kids can be great fun to have around and a good source of entertainment, naturally there are times and some people who prefer to holiday without kids swarming around them. This may well be parents who want a little child-free time or those who don’t have kids at all, but either way family orientated parks aren’t necessarily for everyone.

With a caravan holiday it’s a viable option to have an adult-only holiday, without the need to drive to the most remote spot you can find for peace and tranquility.

In the UK, adult-only caravan parks are becoming increasingly popular in the UK, and there are plenty around. This means adults can enjoy all the freedom and convenience of caravanning in an environment that is purely designed for adult relaxation – no questionable children’s entertainment, screaming kids in the pool and sprawling playgrounds to block your view.

To ensure all guests have a fantastic time, some of the adult only sites have very high standards; not just by being exclusively adult only, but also offering 5-star facilities such as award-winning restaurants, libraries and luxury heated TV lounges. Many of these sites are tucked away in picturesque rural locations such as the Stroud Hill Park in Cambridge where you can enjoy complete peace and quiet. Alternatively, if you fancy a little more activity while you’re away, the Two Mills Touring Park in Norfolk is close to fishing, golf and sailing.

It’s a dog’s life

For many people, one of the great advantages of a caravan holiday is that you can also take your dog on holiday with you. This can not only save on the cost of boarding kennels, but also the stress that going away can put on you and your pet. And thankfully there are a growing number of “dog friendly” caravan clubs and holiday parks that welcome four-legged friends with open arms.

These sites don’t just allow your dog to stay on-site, but many of them have excellent dog walks close-by and allow you to bring your pets into certain public areas, so you don’t have to leave them cooped up in your caravan all the time.

Getting prepared

Of course, if you are planning on making your next holiday a caravan adventure, then it’s always good to do some research and preparation before you hit the road.

Start by deciding exactly what type of caravan holiday would best suit you. If you want a relaxing, peaceful and tranquil holiday away from it all, then choosing an adult only site might be just what you’re looking for. Whereas going away with the children may mean you need as much help as you can get with keeping them busy and tired out – so finding a seaside family fun place could be just the ticket.

In terms of preparing your caravan or motorhome whether you’re renting or buying, you should always ensure it has a full service and valid MOT before you travel on the road with it. Another vital element of a successful caravan holiday is ensuring you have enough power to keep all your electrical appliances up and running during your trip. Checking your caravan batteries are in good condition and fully charged will make sure you can run your cooker, TV, fridge and phone chargers the whole time you’re away from home.

At Alpha Batteries, we offer a great range of quality caravan batteries and accessories to suit all kinds of caravan holidays, whether you’re heading off to a remote location without mains hook up or a fully equipped caravan park.