An increasing amount of Brits are ditching holidays to exotic locations in favour of taking a staycation within the UK. Last year, figures reached a 7 year high with 43.7 million holiday trips recorded as we hit the roads to visit some of the our countries most beautiful locations, all of which are within a few hours drive.

This year is set to be even busier for UK tourism with Travel Lodge’s latest annual holiday study forecasting that the popularity of holidaying in the UK will continue to rise, boosting the UK economy by an additional £20 billion!

So what are the reasons for the rise of the Staycation?

The exact reasons for the popularity of holidays within the UK is not entirely clear, but you’d be easily forgiven for thinking that the staycation is simply a way to tighten the purse strings as figures from Visit England reveal that the number of foreign trips taken by Britons is 16% lower than it was during the recession! It’s hardly surprising considering there is so much to do in one small island, with hundreds of beauty spots and places of interest right on our doorsteps. From our beautiful beaches and forests to the nightlife and landmarks in London, there really is an amazing amount of interesting things to see and do.

The advantages of a staycation

Staycations are better for the environment: Driving to your destination will mean a much lower carbon footprint than flying. Additionally, the cost of fuel is likely to be less than a plane ticket.

Travel is quicker: For a typical journey comparison, a family can save 8.6 hours of travel time.

Easy for young/ older families: Having a young, or older family can make the logistics of travelling abroad difficult, whereas in the UK it’s often as simple as planning the trip, packing and just jumping in the car

To celebrate the fact that summer’s just around the corner we’ve put together an infographic looking at the facts and figures behind UK tourism: