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Product Features:

1.Xplorer PBC1212-45, the DC to DC charger is purposely designed for charging auxiliary batteries. with inbuilt MPPT Solar Controller,

2.It includes all the features needed to maintain the auxiliary battery to its optimum condition and to prolong the battery life.

3.This product will offer you reliable service for providing a multistage, dual-input battery charger to charge the different types of batteries you have installed in either your home, boat, caravan, 4WD or commercial vehicle.

4: Selectable charging output between 10A – 45A

Whats included

12v 45A DC/DC Charger

Inbuilt 45A mppt Solar Charge Controller – 600W Max  45v Max

5 meters Remote Control with LCD Display

Temperature Sensor 


Item No.PBC1212-45
Battery Input(Start battery / DC generator)
Input Voltage12.9-16 VDC
 Low voltage shut down<12.3VDC
After 2 minutes, if the voltage of charger is still under 12.3V, the charger will shut off, or continue charging if it goes back over 12.3 V;

if the voltage goes under 12VDC, the charger will shut off directly and start charging again only when it gets back over 12.3 VLow voltage recovery≥12.6 VDC Over voltage shut down≥15.8 VDCOver voltage recovery≤15 VDCSolar InputInput voltage15-45V(Open circuit voltage)Low voltage shut down≤15 VDCLow voltage recovery≥15.5 VDCOver voltage shut down≥45 VDCOver voltage recovery≤44 VDCPower of solar panel600W Max



Output voltage12 VDC(nominal voltage )
Output current45A Max
Applicable battery typeGELAGMWETLithium / program(Custom settings)
Constant voltage / voltage range14.2 VDC14.4 VDC14.6 VDC13.8-14.8 VDC(settable)
 Float charging voltage range13.6 VDC13.8 VDC14 VDC13-14.2 VDC(settable)
Charging current5/10/20/40A Selectable
Charging mode3-satge
Open circuit losses≤50mA


Internal over-temperature temperature>65℃, the charger shut down; temperature<55℃, the battery recover to charge again
BTSTemperature of battery > 60℃ the charger shut down to protect the battery;
temperature of battery <50℃,the battery recover to charge again
Temperature compensation coefficient-3mV/℃
Product size22.2*16.4*7.4




Product Type

DC/DC Chargers

Suitable For Charging Batteries Up To




Warranty (Years)


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