12v 100AH Leoch Pure AGM Lead Carbon PLH+ C100 Deep Cycle Leisure Battery NCC Class A

Leoch 12v 100AH Leoch Pure AGM Lead Carbon PLH+ C100 Deep Cycle Leisure Battery NCC Class A






4 Years
H: 213mm x W: 172mm x L: 313mm
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12V 100Ah Ultra Deep Cycle battery for multiple applications - from Leoch’s Pure Lead Carbon series.



• Pure Lead Carbon technology

• Totally sealed for life – dry-cell, unspillable and safe

• Maintenance-free

• Partial State of Charge (PSOC) resilient (avoiding sulphation)

• Super-Fast Charging: to 90% in less than 1 hour

• Superior performance in extreme temperatures

• Up To 1500 cycles – over 15x the cycles of Flooded Batteries

• High power and energy density with small footprint

• 4 Year Manufacturing Defect Warranty

Range Information

From Leoch’s new Pure Lead Carbon series – Pure lead carbon batteries offer top cycle life and depth of discharge while maintaining quick charging abilities and PSOC protection. Utilising thin plate pure lead and carbon technologies, this advanced technology will provide an alternative solution for energy storage market, especially for end users who are looking for high charge acceptance, fast charging and long cycle performance.

PLH+C Series—Pure Lead Thin Punched Plate  Carbon Battery

  • Excellent Charging Acceptance with High Charging Efficiency
  • Excellent PSoC Cycle Performance under High and Low Ambient 
  • Punched continuous grid strip – better metal crystal structure
  • Continuous, double pasting process – high consistency and reliability
  • High Temperature Curing for Standby application to improve
    cycling ability
  • COS welding, TTP and ABS heat sealing - Low internal resistance
    and Low self-discharging rate
  • High Power Density and Energy Density with Small Footprint
  • Extended Float Charging Life due to Low Float Charging Current
Product Type Battery
Brand Leoch
Warranty (Years) 4
Height (mm) 213
Width (mm) 172
Length (mm) 313
Weight (kg) 31.2
Voltage 12V
Capacity (Ah) 100
20 Hour 100
100 Hour 110
Terminal Type Bolt Through Terminals (Type 2)
Terminal Layout Positive on Left (Layout 1)
Construction Pure Lead Carbon AGM
Maintenance Free Yes
Recharge Cycles 1500
Ideal Charge Voltage 14.1-14.6
Top Up Charge Voltage 13.5-13.8v
NCC Rating Class A
Suitable for use with motor mover? Yes
Suitable for wild camping? Yes
Increased Performance