6V 400AH Leoch Lead Carbon AGM Battery (LDC6-400-L16) (SLCA-6435-DT) (L16)

Leoch 6V 400AH Leoch Lead Carbon AGM Battery (LDC6-400-L16) (SLCA-6435-DT) (L16)






4 Years
H: 428mm x W: 180mm x L: 295mm
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6V 400 AH Leoch AGM Lead Carbon deep cycle battery LDC6-400-L16

What Makes Lead Carbon AGM Superior to other AGMs?

Positive Plate
This paste formula used is designed to minimise water consumption providing a longer service life at 1300 cycles at 50%
DoD. Designed for deep cycle performance.
Negative Plate
A unique mixture of carbon and other key additives found in negative material allow the SLCA range to perform in partial
state of Charge (PSoC). This increases charge acceptance, optimises fast charging capability and reduces sulphation (a
key reason for premature failure).
This range also features a bespoke separator, designed to lower internal resistance, which keeps plates wet, maintains
cell compression and prevents acid stratification. Other features include double wrapping which prevents short circuiting.

Solar & Renewables Aerial Work Platform Golf Carts (Dual Seater) & Municipal Vehicles Marine
Motorhome & Caravan Cleaning & Maintenance Materials Handling Vehicle Conversion

No Maintenance - Terminals stay clean and corrosion free.

- Ideal for use in remote locations or when there is limited accessibility.

Long shelf life
- Self-discharge < 3% per month at 77oF (25oC).

- Batteries will still operate after being in stored for long periods of time such

- Excellent vibration resistance.
- Wide operating temperature range.

- They can withstand rough terrain.
- In cold environments, they are less likely to freeze unlike other batteries.

Clean & Hazard Free Use
- No gases are released with proper usage.

- They can be used near people and sensitive equipment
- Meets regulation compliance so it can be used in schools, hospitals,
airports, etc.

- Can be placed on its side.

Please ensure your charging method can accommodate AGM batteries as charging at non AGM charge settings can adversely affect the life of the battery. Please contact us if you are unsure

Product Type Battery
Brand Leoch
Warranty (Years) 4
Height (mm) 428
Width (mm) 180
Length (mm) 295
Weight (kg) 54.2
Battery Type L16
Voltage 6V
Capacity (Ah) 400
10 Hour 375
20 Hour 400
100 Hour 435
Terminal Type Bolt Through Terminals (Type 2)
Terminal Layout 6V Classic
Construction Lead Carbon AGM
Maintenance Free Yes
Recharge Cycles 1300
Ideal Charge Voltage 14.4-14.8V
Top Up Charge Voltage 13.4-13.6V
Suitable for wild camping? Yes

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