Banner 110Ah Energy Bull Leisure Battery Review

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Banner 100Ah Energy Bull Leisure Battery

To most people Banner batteries have been somewhat of an unknown entity in the UK over the years. Despite producing batteries for over 80 years the Austria based manufacturer has had much of its success across Europe with its high quality range of Car and Commercial Batteries. 8 years ago saw Banner Batteries introduce a high end top quality range of Leisure Batteries to satisfy the ever growing demand.

People in the know about batteries instantly fell in love with the Banner range despite its limited availability and product range. Thick lead plates, accurate capacity ratings and attractive styling ensured a following amongst leisure battery users. These days Banner leisure batteries are widely available with the product range growing year on year. Lets take a look

Appearance and Features

Firstly this battery looks great. Now I know most people will not be placing this battery on a mantle piece but it does look fantastic and quite unique. Most leisure batteries come all mundane washed in black. Not this one. A striking white box with an electric blue lid and the famous Banner running bull brand label.

The battery is lower in height than most leisure batteries coming in at 190mm and will suit tricky under seat fitments, particularly in motor homes and camper vans. The battery has two robust carry handles for easy portability and a vent hole to attach a breather pipe to. The battery has six recessed cell caps on the top which can be opened if needed although Banner state the battery is maintenance free under normal conditions.

In appearance the battery does look like a car battery but the similarities stop there. The white and slightly see through box makes keeping an eye on the acid levels easy and an internal inspection brings to light the inner workings of the battery. Thick plates and envelope separators gives a strong impressions of heavy duty leisure capability. It is now easy to see why these batteries have such a strong following over the years and are clearly made to high European standards.


Interestingly, Banner display three AH ratings on the specification label. The common UK method of reading battery at the 20HR rate displays a figure of 110ah. We tested the battery using a computerised discharge method tester. This tester essentially applied a 5amp load on the battery over a 20HR period and the battery came in at the specified rating. Our test is also supported by a feature in a well known motor home magazine a few years ago which provided the same results. This battery obviously does what it says on the tin and Banner have not compromised on quality. Whilst it is difficult to say how long it would last for different users all the signs are there that under the right conditions this battery will last many years.


Banner batteries are not the cheapest which is why there may well not be as many around under ownership. At the time of writing we're currently retailing the Banner 110Ah Energy Bull Leisure Battery at £119.99 including VAT and free UK next day delivery, so there are certainly cheaper options available. That said cost isn't the only factor when buying a leisure battery and the extra cost in exchange for a robust Banner leisure battery could be exactly what you're looking for.


The Energy Bull range by Banner are not what you'd call cheap and cheerful at £119.99 including VAT and delivery, but users looking for accurate AH rating, deep cycling capability and a solid workhorse will love this battery. The 110Ah of power may not be enough for people with caravan motor movers and may want to consider it's larger brother the 135Ah Energy Bull. For users looking for a battery to fit in tight spaces this battery is ideal and will provide many years of use.

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