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Car Batteries

Welcome to our Car Batteries section, here you’ll find a large range of products available to buy online, making it really easy for you to browse and shop for a new car battery without having to browse our entire website.

Are you looking for Car Batteries but not sure which product you require or need extra help selecting the right one? Then just try our easy to use Battery Finder tool or talk to one of our fully trained customer service advisors via our Live Chat service. At Alpha Batteries we're always on hand to help!

Car Batteries

At Alpha Batteries we stock a huge number of branded and unbranded car batteries to suit every budget. We also stock batteries for a large range of car manufacturers and car models, from Alfa Romeo to Volvo and everything in between, including high end car manufacturers like Aston Martin and Lamborghini. With high quality, household brands such as Bosch and Duracell, as well as our own-brand of Ultra Plus batteries, which are an excellent choice for those watching their wallets.

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All of our batteries are available with free nationwide next day delivery across the UK mainland if you order before 3pm. With batteries for every budget, you're sure to find the right car battery for your vehicle from our huge range.

What is a Car Battery actually used for?

Car batteries are used in the majority of vehicles as a physical energy reserve. The battery is usually charged by an alternator, which is used to convert the energy from the engine into electrical energy, which prompts an electrolyte reaction in the battery. When the battery is in use and when the car is being driven, the battery recharges, storing the charge chemically.

The battery is used to start the car, so to speak, as it powers the engine during the ignition. It also powers the lighting system. In petrol or gasoline engines, the battery is also used to ignite the fuel. However, in diesel engines, it is not – and this means that diesel engines can actually run without a battery if the electrical energy is provided via another source at ignition. Electric only vehicles also rely on the use of batteries, not only for the general running of the car but also to provide traction energy.

The Lead Acid Car Battery

The traditional and most commonly found car battery, also known as wet car batteries. Lead acid batteries are usually 12 volts, made up of 6 lead plates which each produce 2 volts of power and must be kept upright in order to prevent spillage. Flooded batteries are charged by the car's alternator and this charging process produces gas as well as evaporation. Due to the evaporation, lead car batteries typically have to be maintained and topped up with distilled water and because they require maintenance, are usually the cheapest battery on the market. However, improvements in car manufacturing, such as calcium technology, means that gas and therefore evaporation are less of a problem – meaning that many flooded car batteries are now completely maintenance free.

AGM Batteries

One of the newest forms of battery technology, AGM batteries are in principle similar to flooded lead car batteries, but with a few key differences. In AGM batteries, the electrolyte is held within a fibreglass matt and this means that the battery is completely safe and non-spillable. Not only are they safer than traditional lead acid batteries, but they also have an increased life cycle. In fact, they often last for more than three or four times the lifespan of a traditional car battery. They also have increased starting power, as they have a higher CCA (cold cranking amps) – resulting in a boost of power.

The only downside to AGM batteries is that they are more expensive than lead acid car batteries, but the benefits that they offer do tend to make up for the increase in price. Typically you'll find these types of batteries in newer cars using 'start-stop' technologies, in part due to the more frequent starting of the engine than is typically required.

Need assistance selecting the right car battery for you?

The car battery is essential to the smooth running of your car. A poorly fitted battery or a battery that is under-performing means that your car may well not perform at the level that it can achieve. When choosing a car battery, it is important to always opt for a battery that is the right size and voltage for your vehicle and that's not always the one that's currently fitted!

If you're struggling to choose the right battery for your car, or if you need extra help or advice, try our super simple Battery Finder tool. Alternatively, speak to a member of our team using our Live Chat service. Don't forget, we also offer fantastic warranties with all of our batteries as well as nationwide next day delivery.